Lenovo Exclusive Store in a new design

The largest Lenovo showroom in Moravia, which is operated by our company, has a new design.

Lenovo has changed its logo and website in the course of this year . This is why Lenovo Exclusive Store in Zlin (the largest showroom of Lenovo products in Moravia) also has changed the interior. A key element of the new style is the logo of Lenovo, movement and energy. The overall concept has youthful and refreshing look, full of playfulness.

Lenovo proposed a new logo with an emphasis on high adaptability through all the products that the company produces (PCs, phones, and corporate hardware). New look is like a window to the digital world and is mainly associated with movement and energy, which is also reflected in the new slogan “Never Stand Still”. On the Czech market Lenovo holds an important position in the segment of personal computers. Strong position is also confirmed in the notebooks and tablets field, where is Lenovo in TOP3 most used brand in our market. Last year, Lenovo has also officially launched on the Czech market its portfolio of smartphones, while steadily expanding range of servers, storage and networking solutions for business and home use.

All of these product and services we offer on our e-shop lenovoshop.cz and at our branch Lenovo Exclusive Store in Zlin.