30 years of ThinkPad: the confidence you can count on


The ThinkPad brand is celebrating an incredible 30 years this year. Over the past three decades, it has gained a solid position and extraordinary popularity on the market. And as conservative as it looks, it has never been afraid of major innovation. Here is an overview of the most important milestones in the history of the brand.

The first ThinkPad notebook

The first ThinkPad model was introduced by IBM in October 1992. The premiere series was called 700 and was unique at first glance. A twenty-five-megahertz processor along with four or eight megabytes of RAM and a huge 120-megabyte disk. Plus a 10.4-inch, 256-color(!) screen with 640×480 pixels. It seems ridiculous to us today, but back then it was absolutely impressive for a portable device.

The first ThinkPads did not deviate from the standards of the time in terms of design, but they had one major thing that distinguished them at first glance. That was the revolutionary Trackpoint – that red ball in the middle of the dark keyboard that replaced the mouse and ruled laptops for years before it was displaced by the now-familiar touchpad. Today it is one of the brand’s symbols and still a very practical control that comes in handy.

ThikPad 700C

ThikPad 700C