VAST Data has developed a new type of all-flash data storage (Universal Storage) that is ideal for HPC and AI applications or rapid data recovery after ransomware attacks.

Gemini data server stack

VAST Universal Storage

VAST Data indroduces Universal Storage based on all-flash technologies. The combination of SCM (Storage Class Memory) and QLC memories makes it possible to achieve the high performance of an all-flash system at a price comparable to disk arrays with spinning hard disks (HDD). The disaggregated, shared-everything architecture offers high reliability and unparalleled scalability. A complete Software defined Storage (SdS) approach allows you to add new features and support the latest storage technologies and protocols. As one of the first manufacturers on the market, VAST Data offers online compression and deduplication for efficient data storage, support for Nvidia GPUDirect Storage (GDS) technology for direct data transfers between GPU and storage, or integration with Veeam and Comvault backup software.

The VAST Data company is currently one of the fastest growing storage suppliers on the market and M Computers represents it in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.