Intel has announced the new line of microprocessors

Intel introduced a new line of microprocessor chips for enterprise servers and cloud infrastructures on Tuesday. The new family of scalable Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors accelerates performance, increases security and efficiency.

Intel announced that its new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (code name Skylake) are 1.65 times faster than their previous generations in common server tasks. This huge jump includes software enhancements specifically designed to accelerate tasks with Intel chips and will be confirmed by external experts. Generally, however, was expected a modest increase in performance, so this huge increase was a big surprise. “This represents the best of our 20-year history of data center innovation,” Lisa Spelman, vice president of Intel’s data center group, ahead of Tuesday’s presentation. “That’s huge. That’s a lot to continue to deliver on the performance beat rate to our customers.”

More about new processors you can learn on separete page dedicated ti this announcement.

M Computers is one of main Intel’s partners for announcing new Skylake processors. For testing, we have server platforms and select processors from the same line, and our specialists have already done some interesting testing and comparison with previous generations of processors. We also have access to Intel demo labs for testing specific applications and complete HPC environments. If you are interested in testing, please contact us. If you would like to know about new processors more, we are available to you.

M Computers is a partner of Intel for announcing a new generation of server processors.