We are NVIDIA Preferred Partner now!

M Computers s.r.o. has become the preferred NVIDIA partner for Accelerated Computing.

We are the first in the Czech Republic

We have become first NVIDIA partner for Accelerated Computing in the Czech Republic. Thanks to our partnership we gain access to the latest hardware, trainings, technical documentation, technical specialists or interesting promotions for our customers.

Calculations on NVIDIA graphics cards

NVIDIA is an American company know for inventing the graphics processing unit (GPU). In recent years, the GPU has expanded from powering 3D graphics to revolutionising all kinds of parallel computing tasks, including machine learning and artificial intelligence. Its many-core architecture makes the GPU much more effective at parallel computing tasks than traditional central processing units (CPUs).

NVIDIA also cooperates with IBM. They present IBM POWER + NVIDIA platform together with the direct support of the NVLink high-speed interface on IBM POWER processors. This hardware combination runs on Linux (Ubuntu, SLES, RedHat) and supports Caffe or Tensorflow frameworks. In these days IBM has started to build Summit supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. It supposed to be the most powerful supercomputer in the world based on IBM POWER processors and NVIDIA cards. IBM POWER servers achieve also great results in training of Large neural networks offering linear scalability with growing number of GPGPU accelerators.

About the partnership

“We see huge interest in high performance computing and artificial intelligence in the Czech Republic,” said Michael Liebenthron, Senior Sales Manager at NVIDIA. “Adding M Computers to our NVIDIA Partner Network as a Preferred Partner will support the growth of these markets in the region. M Computers’ high competency in HPC and AI will allow their customers to unleash the potential of NVIDIA’s HPC and AI solutions, including the DGX-1 and Tesla V100.”

“I am very proud we have agreed to expand our collaboration with NVIDIA. Nowadays, they are on the top in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. We gain access to the latest NVIDIA technologies, technical specialists and special programs for our customers. We can see very interesting combination of NVIDIA cards and IBM POWER servers with Linux — primarily thanks to the native support of the NVIDIA NVLINK interface directly in IBM POWER processors.” Petr Plodík, Sales Director of M Computers.

On 12 October 2017, we are preparing an event in Prague for the general public on the topic “How machines learn?, where actual trends and use cases will be presented by specialists from NVIDIA and IBM. We plan to include also presentations from Czech companies that are using GP GPU computing in machine learning projects.

For more information or testing, please contact us: obchod@mcomputers.cz

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