ONTAP AI presentation

ALEF Distribution organized a seminar for its customers on cloud and cloud services on NetApp platform. As part of the program, our colleague Petr Plodík presented the ONTAP AI reference architecture based on NVIDIA and NetApp products.

ONTAP-AI DGX-2 reference

At the seminar, David Rusín (NetApp BDM, ALEF) introduced tools for selling advanced cloud services – NetApp Cloud Central (Kubernetes, Backup, Tiering, Enterprise Storage Services) available on the NetApp cloud portal and František Kysela (ALEF) practical examples. At the end Petr Plodík (M Computers) presented the ONTAP AI reference architecture on NVIDIA, NetAPP and Cisco products and links to Nvidia GPU Cloud (NGC) or Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Prezentace ONTAP AI