M Computers thinks about the future

Our company has focused on the use of solar energy as part of environmental sustainability. Thanks to the relocation of the Brno branch to the new building, we used the potential of its roof, where we placed our own solar power plant.

The technology in which we have invested is not only environmentally friendly, but also helps to prevent any problems caused by the failure of conventional electricity supplies. Thanks to our solar power plant, we have our own, completely independent power source. If you are interested in technical specifications, then it is a total of 90 panels that are able to deliver 27kW power. And environmental impact? We save up to 15 tons of CO2 a year! And that’s a decent number.

The new building has therefore brought not only a more pleasant environment, where we will continue to be happy to meet you, but also better conditions for the future.

If you have not yet reached our visit, you can at least read the reportage, where we present an insight into our Brno branch, here.