A look at a new branch

Due to the safety measure, we regretfully had to cancel the March event, when the opening of the new branch in Brno was to take place. So we decided to give you a little outline of what our new background looks like.

In January this year, the Brno branch moved to a long-awaited new modern building in Brno-Líšeň, which is located in the Zetor area. Construction of the building first began with the demolition of the original dilapidated hall, which began in May and ended at the end of June 2017. Subsequently, the construction of the new building took place, which was approved in November last year. These new premises provide more capacity not only to provide our services, but also to create a very pleasant working environment.



We have no doubt that the local facilities will allow us to offer our customers the best services and at the same time improve in our field. Concurrently, we believe that it will help not only with the implementation of the most complex supplies of supercomputers, but also with the building of complex technical infrastructure, as well as to provide greater added value in support for our customers.

We look forward to visiting us at the new branch!