Donate blood and give a life

For three years now, M Computers employees donate one of the most valuable parts to save a human life – blood.

The blood holds an irreplaceable role in a medicine, with the lack of present in all its groups. By donating it, we want to help those that undergoing not only complicated operations, but also others for whom blood transfusion is vital.

We tried to donate on all fronts, so colleagues from the Prague branch went to the local Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion in Prague. A regular donor, colleague Petr Plodík, was awarded the bronze medal of prof. MUDr. Jan Jánský. This award is given to donors at the tenth blood collection. This year, employees of the Brno branch visited the Department of Transfusion & Tissue Medicine of the Brno University Hospital in two groups. Since most of them are no longer prime donors, they knew the circumstances of preparation before the collection, ie how to prepare the body for the blood loss.

Before taking it is very important to avoid alcohol consumption in the last 24 hours, then on the eve of the day of donation do not eat fatty foods and then drink at least half a liter of water in the morning. Long-term criteria are also important for donors:

  • you are a man or woman aged 18-65 years,
  • when you stand on the scale, it shows more than 50kg,
  • you do not have hepatitis B or C

In terms of your current state of health:

  • you are free of illness or colds,
  • you haven’t had a tooth pulled out in the last week
  • you don’t have a tattoo or piercing less than half a year

Unsuitable donors are pregnant women too.

Our blood will help people in operations, after a road accident or any other serious accidents. Blood donation also determines the life of cancer patients – during therapy, patients are given drugs made from blood and plasma. The benefit for the donor is a free blood test, tax discounts, a day off on the day of collection, but the main reward is the feeling of good deed.