We are celebrating 15 years!

This year, our company is celebrating the 15 years of its operation in the Czech market under the M Computers brand.

 From PC components to high-end solutions

During those 15 years, we have been on a long journey of which you were a part. Initially, we focused mainly on end customers. We offered the reinstallation of PC OSs, the installation of antivirus programs and we set up phone modems. We sold individual components. Over time, we started to focus more on companies as well. We provided them with IT services ranging from the delivery and installation of PCs to the management of smaller servers.

At the same time, we built a Lenovo Exclusive Store in Zlín and launched an e-shop. Our corporate clientele, which we provide not only with IT supplies, but also with the complete outsourcing of IT services and technical support, has grown as well. Over the past few years, we have been focusing on the public sphere, research institutions and universities, to which we deliver our own high performance computing (HPC) solutions, server systems, or data storage solutions.



Thank you for choosing us. In 15 years we have grown as a company that delivers high-quality solutions to our customers and is able to deliver solutions that are not only very clever, but have a favourable price and offer our customers the best possible usability.  We want to continue to be a long-term partner of your business that you can rely on and always turn to. We are also not afraid to address your special requirements, and we are ready for any expected and unexpected challenges that we can overcome together.