We attended the event Ozvěny SC16

Our specialists participated with their presentations in the event. Ozvěny SC16, which was organized by DNS a.s. and ELI Beamlines (Institute of Physics) in the Conference Hall of ELI in Dolní Břežany.


The event was focused on current trends in supercomputing. Part of the event was the presentation of management and control systems solution based on technology IBM / Lenovo, followed by a visitation of the ELI Beamlines data centre. The event followed the conference SC16 that our colleagues (Peter Dubnický and Petr Plodík) participated at the end of last year in the US Salt Lake City. About their impressions we wrote on our website (only in CZ).

A report from the event Ozvěny SC16 can also be found on the website Reseller Magazinu (CZ), or online IT magazine tbiz.cz (CZ).