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The Center for Advanced Aviation Technologies uses
the M Computers solution

Experts from the Czech Republic will soon make a significant contribution to the field of research and development of aircraft engines. The Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (CAAT) will now harness the power of the computing cluster from M Computers to create a research and development base for more than 100 aerospace research professionals.

What is hidden under the abbreviation CAAT?

The Centre for Advanced Aeronautical Technologies (CAAT) is a scientific project aimed at researching the simulation of degradation processes of individual components and their impact on the functionality of aircraft engines and structures. In addition to observation, it also includes experimental development of components of the new turboprop engine and its assembly into a functional unit in the power category reaching parameters that exceed the engines of the current concept. The aim of CAAT will also be to explore the use of new materials and procedures for the production, assembly and maintenance of components and units of aircraft engines and structures.

It is a project supported by the ESIF Funds, the Operational Programme Research, Development and Education of the European Union. The partners of the project include the Czech Technical University in Prague and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Brno University of Technology. CAAT brings together more than 100 experts and experts in the field of aerospace research.

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Building a computing cluster

In order for demanding CAE applications (fluid dynamics simulation applications) to function efficiently, it was necessary to build a research and development base based on a powerful compute cluster based on two types of nodes. CAAT management therefore awarded a public contract in order to find a supplier that could offer a comprehensive solution: i.e. cluster, including software assembly, installation and configuration, commissioning and subsequent administration and service. The winner of the contract was M Computers, which fulfilled all the conditions of the competition.