14. 10. 2021

It has become a tradition for us to organize an event to thank our business partners for their cooperation – once again we organized a cultural evening and went to the theatre!

Theatre evening with M Computers

Last year was the first year of the theatre with M Computers with business partners from Prague and its surroundings. Unfortunately, this traditional event could not take place in the Brno variation in 2020 due to the epidemiological situation, but this year we managed to make this unique experience happen both in Prague and Brno.

As part of our guests from Prague and its surroundings, we visited the Theatre in Celetná again this year. We had the opportunity to see a performance of Cyrano, where the main character was played by Martin Hofmann.

The Brno event of the theatre with business partners took place at the Brno Municipal Theatre. Last year we visited the music scene where we enjoyed the famous musical Mamma Mia!For this year’s event, we opted for the drama stage, where we took part in a theatrical rendition of the mystery thriller based on Miloš Urban’s novel Santini’s Language.

We fit right in

Cyrano performed by Martin Hofmann


“I throw my shirt far and gracefully… As we know, a big nose means a big spirit…”

The theatre production of Cyrano performed by the Theatre in Celetná is based on the book Cyrano de Bergerac written by the prominent French playwriter and poet Edmond Rostand.

This verse drama is inspired by the real person of Hector-Savinien de Cyrano, a writer who drew on the compelling historical context of 17th century France. century. The character of Cyrano is presented in the play as a fearless Gascon swordsman and a brilliant poet. However, he is hopelessly in love with his cousin Roxana, but it is not only because of his big nose that he has never confessed his feelings for her.

Santini’s Language

The mysterious story is presented by the theatre play Santini’s Language, which was also based on a book by the Czech writer Miloš Urban.

The main character, Martin Urmann, is given an unexpected task in his company: to discover a universal phrase, an advertising slogan that would work in all circumstances and could sell anything. Urmann believes – under the influence of an encounter with a mysterious girl reading a book about saints, stars and churches on the subway – that this sentence can be found as an encrypted message in the brilliant buildings of the Baroque architect Jan Blazej Santini. Little does he know, however, that his investigation will be laced with bizarre murders, mysterious messages from the past and a strange love affair…

Martin Urmann and Priest Binder performed by Dušan Vitázek and Rastislav Gajdoš