Hopper architecture and other news from NVIDIA GTC22

31. 3. 2022

As usual, we’ve been keeping an eye on the Spring 2022 NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference, and now we’re bringing you a round-up of the highlights from the virtual presentations. Perhaps the most significant news was the announcement of the new Hopper architecture and the H100 GPU accelerator based on it. Find out what’s groundbreaking about the new generation and what other systems it will be used in in the article below.

NVIDIA Hopper architecture

The newly announced Hopper architecture brings many improvements over the previous generation of Ampere. Using TSMC’s cutting-edge 4N process (an improved 4nm technology), the GH100 chip is equipped with more than 80 billion transistors and extremely fast HBM3 memory with a throughput of 3 terabytes per second.

Hopper will offer several interesting innovations, whether it is Confidential Computing, which protects data and code from leaks or disruption from the outside, or improvements in computational performance of transformer models or DPX Instructions functionality for faster and more efficient dynamic programming. And, of course, the new chip is enhanced with support for 4. generation NVLink or the fifth generation PCI Express interface (PCIe Gen5).