Lenovo Tiny-In-One: a solution (not only) for business


Hledáte kompaktní a výkonné zařízení, které zefektivní práci (nejen) ve vaší firmě? Představujeme vám Lenovo Tiny PC, které kombinuje výhody stolního počítače a notebooku. Tato pracovní stanice pak ve spojení s Lenovo monitory Tiny-In-One (TIO) přináší tzv. All-In-One (AIO) řešení, které Vám šetří pracovní prostor a současně nabízí dostatek výkonu pro běžnou kancelářskou činnost, ale i zábavu.

Tiny PC and TIO monitors

In today’s age of digital transformation, businesses and households are looking for technology solutions that are not only powerful, but also flexible and space-saving. Lenovo has come up with a solution that meets all these requirements and more.

In our video, we take a look at how Tiny PC ThinkCenter Series a
TIO monitors
find applications in businesses and homes. We’ll show you why these systems are the ideal choice for those looking for reliability, performance and flexibility at a reasonable price. You can find the range of products on our e-shop Lenovoshop.cz. If you are unsure of the most suitable solution, our specialists will be happy to help you.

Main advantages of Lenovo Tiny PC and Tiny-In-One in a nutshell

1. Power at your fingertips

Despite its small size, the Lenovo Tiny PC surprises with big power, pushing the boundaries of office work and CPU fun.

2. Versatility without compromise

Tiny-In-One (TIO) monitors are an example of technological versatility. These modular solutions bring a new level of flexibility and space saving to office spaces. Available in up to 27″, with both touch and classic options, TIO monitors make it easy to integrate Tiny PCs directly into your structure to create elegant all-in-one solutions.

3. Mobility and security first

One of the key benefits we explore in more detail in our video is the mobility of the Tiny PC. You can easily unplug these computers and move them to wherever you need them and still have peace of mind thanks to anti-theft security. In addition, Tiny PC and TIO monitors offer easier upgradability compared to traditional AIO systems.

4. Investing in the future

Also interesting is the price/performance ratio, which is significantly more favourable for Tiny PC and TIO monitors than for standard AIO solutions. Plus, with the Think series you get access to fast and affordable service across the country, which is often more complicated and expensive with regular AIO PCs.

Other options for furnishing your office

Efficient and professional office equipment is the key to success. Choose the equipment that fits your requirements and budget. Laptops are often the focus of choice, but in addition to laptops, monitors or desktops should also be considered. Lenovo comes with a range of products for different price categories – Office, Management and Premium.

Are you interested in how to equip your office to your specifications? Read the article on our e-shop Lenovoshop.cz, where you will learn how to choose the right office equipment for your needs and possibilities.