Partnership with Shaping the future of AI

12. 12. 2023

At M Computers, we are opening a new chapter in our journey of innovation in AI – we are proud to announce that we have become members of the community. This partnership is a key step in our commitment to AI innovation. Working with will allow us to share our knowledge and experience, open doors to new opportunities and strengthen our position as a leader in AI technologies.

About the project

By joining, which has been connecting AI talent and companies since 2019, we are strengthening our role in building a stronger AI community in Prague. The aim of is to strengthen relations between the academic, research and application spheres, to build the reputation of Prague abroad and to inform the public about the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence. Their work is essential for the development of AI in Prague and its surroundings. Our partnership with will allow us to be part of this dynamic and innovative network and meet the leading players in the AI field.

We were officially welcomed into in the December newsletter along with Amazon and KPMG who have also become new partners, more information can be found here.

We are part of other AI projects

At M Computers we have always been at the forefront of technological development and in recent years we have been intensively involved in the field of artificial intelligence. Membership in is the icing on the cake of our long-standing efforts. In Brno we are involved in the Brno.AI project , which in 2023 together with organized AI Days(more here), where we took part in the “AI 4 Business” workshop – introducing AI tools into companies.

As for other AI projects, we present at conferences such as. the first ever National EOSC Tripartite Event in the Czech Republic(more here), colleagues regularly attend one of the largest conferences dedicated to supercomputers SC23(more here). These initiatives allow us to share our knowledge and experience, while learning from others in the industry, so that we can always deliver the best solutions to our customers and offer the most up-to-date technological innovations.