Conference VPGC 2020

Cybersecurity in the Age of AI and 5G

Today we have been a part of the conference VPGC 2020. It took place in Prague, in the Deloitte conference center. The aim of the conference was to clarify not only the potential opportunities for AI and 5G but also the threats we will face more and more in the coming years. The topic of cybersecurity resonated throughout the entire day.

The whole conference was divided into two main blocks. The morning session focused on the digitization of the Czech Republic, the government’s strategy of developing 5G networks and global trends. In the afternoon session, the emphasis was on specific cybersecurity risks (DDoS, ransomware and identity theft) and the presentation of several case studies.

As partners of the conference, we demonstrated DGX Station by NVIDIA. We also presented NVIDIA Jetson Nano, which showed the participants how fast it can work, for example when recording and recognizing people in real-time.

Konference VPGC

More information about the event, including a list of all speakers, topics, and partners of the VPGC 2020 conference, is available on the official conference website.