We’ve joined Brno.AI


Brno now has its own platform for connecting experts and the general public in the field of artificial intelligence. Yes! This is Brno.AI and we are part of it.

About the Brno.AI platform

The goal of Brno.AI is to connect universities, companies and the general public in the field of artificial intelligence. In particular, it aims to increase mutual cooperation between regional actors in AI and at the same time to raise awareness in this area. Thus, the platform in this form also represents a space for the implementation of projects in the field of artificial intelligence. Part of the community’s activities is also education and support of interest in studying AI or streamlining the functioning of local governments.


“Brno offers great conditions for the creation of internationally successful projects in the field of artificial intelligence,” says Petr Chládek, director of the innovation agency JIC, which is in charge of launching the platform, adding: “Quality university IT workplaces operate side by side, successful startups and companies like Phonexia or Artin, as well as corporations like Honeywell or Red Hat.”

Who is behind it?

The platform was founded by Brno experts from local universities, companies and other organizations. The statutory city of Brno and the South Moravian Region are behind its establishment. Masaryk University or the Brno University of Technology participate in the universities. The South Moravian Innovation Center, which is one of the leading Brno organizations supporting start-ups and other business activities, also participates in the establishment of the platform. Furthermore, the non-profit organization Czechitas or Machine Learning College is involved, which offers various study programs in the field of AI. From private companies, Honeywell andRed Hat, for example, were involved in the creation.

How have we get involved?

The field of artificial intelligence is one of our main specializations. At AI, we constantly monitor trends and try to present them as best we can to our customers within the framework of mutual cooperation. Our company is the first to receive the highest partnership status for NVIDIA in Central and Eastern Europe. As part of the partnership for NVIDIA, we also received two prestigious awards – NVIDIA AI Innovator and NVIDIA AI Champion. Given these facts, our involvement in Brno.AI was a clear choice for us.

As part of the NVIDIA partnership, we are also the NVIDIA Alliance Manager, thanks to which we can help AI start-ups with a nomination for the NVIDIA Inception program. At the same time, we can offer testing of the latest technologies from our demo pool.

Thanks to participation in the Brno.AI community, we would like to connect with other companies and other institutions that are interested in technologies in the field of artificial intelligence.